Five Point offers fresh garden produce, including: home grown microgreens, dried herb blends, and take home kits for growing your own. Contact me for setting up a workshop to learn about how you can create more sustainability into your home life!

Local Hand Crafted, Farm to Table

Local, Hand Crafted, Farm to Table



Five Point Makery was founded by Amy Pollman-Hoehner in 2022. She has been growing micro greens for the past four years and what started as an interest in creating more sustainable healthy eating for in home consumption, quickly blossomed into a desire to educate and share the joy and benefits of microgreens with her local community.

Five Point Makery offers local, fresh, handcrafted microgreens that are grown using organic processes. (I am not certified organic at this time.)


Microgreens are the tender starts of plants to be. They are PACKED with nutrition and FLAVOR! Studies show some have 40xs more nutrients than their adult counterpart!! From antioxidants, to carotenoids, to sulforaphane, these small but mighty greens are offer multi layered health benefits that are truly remarkable!

(Click here to learn more about the health benefits of microgreens)

They can be eaten fresh, added to smoothies or as a five-star garnish to any dish or even dessert! Use them as a lettuce replacement, pizza or salad topper. You will be amazed at the complexity of flavor found in each different crop!

Available in individual varieties and blends, you will be sure to find an easy and delicious way to add some more flavor, beauty and nutrition to your plate all while supporting a local urban farmer! 

You can find FPM micro greens currently at the Toledo Farmer’s Market, Saturday from 8am-2pm and the Sylvania Farmer’s Market at Olander Park from 4pm-7pm. Currently, delivery is available in limited capacity on Friday afternoons. Contact me for more details! You can also find our Microgreens at Plat 8, Leaf and Seed and we donate to Same Cafe in the Toledo Library. More outreach to come as we are just getting started!!

Five Point Makery is a hub of creativity located in Ottawa Hills, OH. Here you can:

-Sign up for an art/creative living workshop

-Purchase original art made by artist Amy Pollman-Hoehner 

-Enjoy some nutritious, locally grown produce like MICROGREENS

-Take home some backyard dried herb blends

-Place a custom order from the artisanal bakery

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Backyard Dried Herb Blends

Five Point also annuals produces small batch dried herb blends. There are available for $8.00 each. The herbs are grown locally and are heavenly compared to what you may find in the grocery store! Five Point will also be partnering in 2023 with Ottawa Hills Elementary in their Garden Lab and will be running seasonal garden camps for Elementary students. More info will be available as the classes are officially announced.